Our Raleigh landscape designs are unique because we custom build each space for our clients. If you want an outdoor living space with a pool (or fire pit, patio, or outdoor kitchen) that you and your family will love—this article is for you.

Eden Lane

This backyard tested our bounds of creativity. We were working with a smaller space and had design plans to put in a pool, retaining wall, landscaping, outdoor lighting, kitchen, and fireplace…and keep it all within code for the City of Raleigh. Whew! Luckily, our clients trusted our experienced team with this design process, and let us hit the ground running. 

Specifically for this landscape, we went with a linear design. From the house to the pool, we used a white marble paver for the main patio area and a dark marble paver to create a design accent. This type of statement design was carried throughout the space with a custom cedar detailing on the fence.

Other Outdoor Design Features Used:

  • Patina metal retaining walls
  • Custom fireplace
  • Diverse plants and landscaping

Ultimately, the goal of this backyard was to add more design to the client’s space, while elevating the functionality of the space. View more photos of this project here. 

Harvest Wood

The initial contract for the Harvest Wood project was for an outdoor firepit and outdoor kitchen to accompany the pool design that they already had in place with another pool contractor. However, through the design process we ended up redesigning the outdoor pool and, ultimately, the entire landscape design. This project is unique in that it blended the client’s traditional house with modern lines, while still using traditional materials to compliment the surrounding backyard features. 

One challenge we encountered was with the existing retaining wall on the property. Because it didn’t fit with the overall look or feel the client desired, we overhauled our original designs to fit the retaining wall. Our team also got creative using engineered soil to replace the need for another retaining wall on the back side of the pool. By engineering the soil surrounding the pool in lieu of building another retaining wall, we were able to save the client money as well as allow for a more level lawn space.

Other Outdoor Design Features Used:

  • Custom swimming pool
  • Outdoor pizza oven
  • Engineered soils

This project proved the need to be flexible with designs in order to accomplish the overall goal of modernizing the client’s backyard with key outdoor features. Check out the monster outdoor pizza oven and other designs here!

Edinburgh Drive

The main goal of the Edinburgh Drive outdoor renovation was to create an entertainment space for the family with teenagers and the ability to host friends. The big ticket item on their wishlist: an outdoor pool.

This is another project that started with one key feature and ended up turning into a complete landscape renovation project with multiple backyard features. After a few design options, the client landed on a very clean symmetrical landscape design which blended key features with landscaping. 

We were able to expand the landscape design all the way to their property line, even with the challenge of working with a large amount of hardscape. To combat this, we used artificial turf to soften spaces in the lounge and the jumping wall. 

Other Outdoor Design Features Used:

  • Hot tub with a spillway into the pool
  • Outdoor sound system
  • Space for a basketball court

This renovation ended up integrating formal and informal features to transform the front yard and backyard of this property to a place where the client can relax and entertain. Take a closer look at the designs that make this space pop.

Our process for outdoor renovations revolves around a passionate combination of creativity, landscaping and architecture. Each of these projects bring forth unique design aspects, taking these outdoor spaces to the next level, but more importantly, these transformations provided spaces for these families to come together and enjoy. When our clients are satisfied, we’re satisfied. Check out some of our other outdoor transformations here!






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