Ever fantasized about turning your ordinary backyard into a luxurious haven you could enjoy all year round? Well, we at Currin Outdoor recently made this dream come true for one of our clients. 

We'll take you through the thrilling journey of how we overcame unique challenges to create a magical Raleigh custom pool design and an outdoor retreat that ticks all the right boxes.

The Client's Vision

Our client came to us with a rather plain and unimpressive backyard. But they had a grand vision: a picturesque Raleigh custom pool design, a top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen for the ultimate grilling experience, and a cozy fireplace to spend chilly evenings by. 

Trusting in our expertise, they knew that we were the team to make their outdoor oasis a reality.

Crafting a Tailored Design and Build Plan

We started by understanding our client's unique tastes and lifestyle, and began developing a tailored Raleigh custom pool design and plan. Working within the constraints of their budget, we tackled challenges like an oddly angled property line and a significant grade change that spanned ten feet. 

Despite these hurdles, we were determined to create a space that perfectly matched our client's desires.

The design and permitting process wasn't without its obstacles, but we remained dedicated to making it work. The City of Raleigh raised concerns about the fireplace's height during the permit review, which required us to redesign the backyard layout. 

Thankfully, our client was understanding and willing to roll with the punches. We quickly presented three revised concepts, selected one, and got back on track to obtaining the necessary permits.

Throughout the project, we were constantly refining and finalizing smaller details, such as lighting, planting, and deck railings. 

Our flexible and professional approach allowed us to keep the project moving without sacrificing the finer aspects of the design.

The Transformation: Key Elements and Features

Outdoor Kitchen

This chef's dream space features state-of-the-art appliances, a built-in grill, and plenty of counter space for food prep. A harmonious blend of natural stone and wood finishes creates a stylish and functional space for outdoor entertaining.

Custom Pool Design

The custom-designed pool is a stunning focal point of the backyard, complete with a tranquil natural rock waterfall. The pool's unique shape accommodates the sloping terrain and maximizes the available space.


An expanded patio adorned with natural stone pavers and comfortable outdoor furniture offers the perfect spot for relaxation or hosting gatherings with friends and family.

Dealing with the Municipality: Permits and Approvals

One of our strengths at Currin Outdoor is navigating the complex world of permits and approvals. Throughout this Raleigh custom pool design project, we liaised with the local municipality, addressing their concerns and making necessary adjustments to ensure the project moved forward smoothly.

The Final Result: A Stunning Outdoor Oasis

When the project was completed, the once ordinary backyard had been transformed into a breathtaking outdoor retreat with a spectacular Raleigh custom pool design. 

Our client was overjoyed with the results, which not only met but exceeded their expectations. The new space became a gathering place for them to build relationships, enjoy memorable parties, and fully embrace their outdoor living experience.

Ready for Your Own Dream Backyard Makeover?

If this story inspired you and you're ready to transform your backyard into a personal oasis, get in touch with us at Currin Outdoor. 

We're experts at creating luxurious, tailored outdoor spaces that cater to your unique needs and desires, including Raleigh custom pool designs. 

Let's embark on this exciting journey together!






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