A husband and wife came to us with a shared vision.

They wanted to have a dedicated space for their family outdoors. With three teenage kids, the extra space outside was probably as much of a need as it was a desire! They spent plenty of time outdoors, and felt that their backyard could be transformed into a beautiful area for not only their family to spend time together, but also for them to entertain when friends and family came to visit.

Originally, they came to us with the idea of a pool. Then, they figured that what they needed, instead, was actually a patio. As soon as they started seeing their vision of a patio through our work, they decided, in fact, that what they really needed was both! Here’s the rub: They wanted a really cool backyard.

Of course, as always, we were happy to bring this vision to life.

This project though didn’t come without challenges. There were grading issues, a rather large hill which initially presented limitations, and impervious limits (the maximum allowable limit for paved services). We dealt with each of these challenges and were able to overcome them. We built the hill into our design, and were able to get deeds required to change the limits to fit the needs of the project. We took the task upon ourselves to face the challenges head on to find the right solutions for our client.

What was the final product like for them? Well, here’s a quick breakdown. We created a design that contained an entirely new living space in their backyard. We built a full kitchen, a covered porch, a special dining area with a fireplace in it, an upper patio with a firepit, a separate patio on the other side for their daybed and lounging furniture.

The pool was beautiful, we built it with a multilevel wall (to work around the hill issue) and came with its own spa. Each area of the backyard came with its own lighting “zones.” That means, we created the lighting so each section of their backyard could be controlled separately. They also had their own surround sound to enjoy music (without bugging the neighbors!).

It was almost like another house in itself! Challenges smallenges. Right?

You might be looking at your backyard and thinking there are too many limitations to create a viable solution. But, time and time again, we find ways around those limitations and use them to our advantage. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us no matter the limits your backyard space might have.

Chances are, we’ll have a solution for you too.






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