Why It's Costly NOT to Hire a Design and Build Team 

Whether you’re spending $20K, $100K, or 500K on your backyard design, make the additional investment to hire a landscape design and build team. When you do, they can save you a lot of money in change orders during the build phase or having to completely redo a build because you didn't get what you wanted the first time.

Plus, you'll have a beautiful landscape that not only works well for you and your family's goals, but also a beautiful space to enjoy.

Costly Mistakes Design and Build Teams Help You Avoid

Missed Opportunities: Without the help of a design and build team, you may make design decisions that you regret, such as creating spaces that are too small to use, cluttering a space with too much design, interrupting flow of traffic, or implementing a style that doesn’t compliment your home. Why spend all that money to find out you don’t love the end result?

Construction issues: A design and build team can help you avoid construction issues, that you’re not even aware of, that could come back to bite you once the project is finished. During the design process, design and build teams solve for grade changes, septic systems, drainage issues, views to and from the space, and lighting concerns—all of these can be very expensive to fix during or after a build.

Minimize change orders: During the design process, our design and build team turns over all the rocks so that you aren’t making decisions during the build process, which adds a lot of unnecessary additional costs.

Going over budget: Setting up a realistic budget at the beginning of the design process is important so that your design fits your budget. Without a design and build team, you have no idea what budget you should even have.

Long-term maintenance: Without the help of a design and build team, you may end up with a backyard that requires more maintenance than you can handle or that needs to be redesigned sooner than expected. You don’t want that. What about when it comes to mowing the grass or weeding? They can help minimize outdoor maintenance tasks that you don’t enjoy doing so you have more time for the things you love—like a backyard BBQ and dance party.  

Low property value: If you want to decrease the value of your property, get a poorly designed backyard by not using a design and build team. It’ll make it harder to sell because prospective buyers or renters will see a lot of work, time, and big $$ to fix it.  

One Cautionary Point

At Currin Outdoor Living, we’ve found that when a client provides designs from a landscape designer—detached from the build space—we often have to make many changes to the design and sometimes start over. 


A sole landscape designer is great at designing a pretty space, but they don’t always understand the construction process and what is and isn’t possible.  

As a design and build team, we have a much better understanding of the construction process, the cost, and how people will use the space than a landscape designer. From start to finish, a design and build team can create a beautiful space without sacrificing your budget.

Get a Smoother Experience with a Design and Build Team

Design mistakes, construction issues, going over budget, poor plant and material selection, long-term maintenance, and poor property value—do you really want any of that?

Bite the bullet. Avoid the sinkholes. Invest in a design and build team.

Want a stunning backyard that you’ll enjoy for years to come? Book your design inquiry call






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