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At this stage we have an exciting design approved and we’re ready to build everything out to specifications. The next phase of the Currin Outdoor Plan is the: BUILD PROCESS

We have an easy 5-step process that we’ll guide you through during the BUILD PROCESS:

  1. Materials & Scheduling - Now that your design and build proposal is approved, we’ll gather a construction deposit from you to begin ordering materials needed. We’ll also provide a build schedule based on current project timelines to ensure visibility of the BUILD PROCESS.
  2. Site Meeting & Walkthrough - On the first day of construction our crew will visit and do a walk through with you to review the project and ensure we answer any questions before proceeding with breaking ground.
  3. Milestone Updates - Throughout the project we will keep you updated on progress. During this time we may need you to be available to review any necessary adjustments.
  4. Final Walk through - As we near completion, our team will do a final walk through to review the completion of the project and to introduce you to our Maintenance team leader who will help you better understand landscape care.
  5. Sit Back & Enjoy! Now is the fun part, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new beautiful space. Doesn’t this sound great? From here we recommend following Phase 3 of the Currin Outdoor Plan: MAINTAIN PROCESS
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